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12- Oh Jesus this is probably the hardest one.
- Kiss Me, by Ed Sheeran
- Blue Jays, by Days n Daze
- The First Time I Met Sanawan, by Bomb The Music Industry
- Rip Tide, by Foy Vance
- Strawberry Wine, by Deana Carter because fuck u Kaity and your magical phone box of musical wonders.


At Joshua Liner Gallery, New Works from Tiffany Bozic.

For this work, Bozic remembers a trip to Mount Lassen, California, with her husband. Recalling the experience—even though several years had passed—Bozic finally sat down to create this painting, remembering her imagination of “deep sea organisms slowly drifting up into the sky from the black current of the water.” She also notes, “I suppose the image stuck with me because it could be a metaphor for a lot of my different emotions… some light and warm, some deep and cold.” The contrasting tones and shades lend themselves to this mood, with negative dark space and dark trees emerging from the solid white snow forms. The ethereal sea shapes preside over the scene.

In an attempt to relay her consciousness’ perspective, this body of work is a rich account of Tiffany Bozic’s incredible encounters with nature. Bozic describes the source of her inspiration as a “complex and inexplicable world.” However, with Qualia, Bozic’s world is within reach and beautifully discrete.


Ben Dahlhaus photographed by Esra Sam


Scott Naismith: Cumulus Consonance

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Your legs are a melody my hands
Would like to play
And your hips are a note
That does take me away

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